Jean Bertrand Foundation For The Disadvantaged                                                 

The Jean Bertrand Foundation for the Disadvantaged, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization that dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished children through education and food programs.
With your help and charitable giving, we strive to end childhood hunger and improve the availability of education to all children.

Jean G. Bertrand and Lourdes M. Rivera, had been visiting Haiti regularly for the prior two years working for the relief of the poor: feeding children and providing hair cuts using their own resources. Many of the children suffered from malnutrition and don't know how to read and write. It was there service and dedication which provides the back drop for The Jean Bertrand Foundation for the Disadvantaged, Inc.


                 We seek financial supports to fund our computer education program for the children. We will offer  art projects, physical activities, snacks, and computer-based academic tutoring. We plan on teaching Introduction to Computers to HTML to graphic design. That will create the opportunity for them to be pioneers in the information revolution in their area- by teaching them high-end technological skills that are in demand in today's economy and second, by teaching them to market and sell their skills to paying customers.
We believe that being computer literate is a powerful enabling tool, that can support critical thinking and other developmental skills.
We only have 3 computers and are unable to go on. We are powerless to reach our mission without you. Please consider a tax-dedutable gift to JBFD
We will recognize you by displaying your names or your logos on our brochures and web site and recognizing you in the media attention we generate.
Thank you for your support of othe
rs who are having a difficult time.


Children and Youth: 0 to 17 years of age who are impoverished
                     JBFD services children and youth ages 0 to 17 years of age considering nearly half of Haiti's population are children with 35.9% being 0-14 years of age. With Haiti being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of their population living under the poverty line and 54% in abject poverty and a 40% unemployment rate according to UNICEF, our services are only provided for children who are deemed impoverished.

What We Do and When

Provided nutritious meal and educational resources
                    JBFD envisions a world where childhood hunger and educational barriers no longer exist in the western hemisphere. Every child has the right to food and education. Our goal is to ensure children of the poorest nations of the western hemisphere are not left behind. Children are always the voiceless victims of poverty especially in the case of Haiti, where nearly 500,000 Haitian children were displaced during the 2010 earthquake. 

Now, the concern for their access to nutritious meals are once again heightened. In 2008 MSNBC, Worldfocus and many other new outlets reported to the world about the children of Haiti eating mud cookies as a source of food due to the lack of affordable foods and poverty. Long-term, the lack of nutritious meals leads to malnutrition which in children leads to poor immune function, decaying teeth, underweight, poor growth, muscle weakness, bloated stomach, osteoporosis, or fragile bones that break easily, problems with organ function, problems learning among other risks. JBFD intends to fight these risks by providing nutritious meals seven day a week, three times a day.
                    Haiti falls behind many of the poorest nations in literacy with only 52.9% of its population over age 15 who can read, CIA World Factbook, and less then one in four attending primary school between 2005 and 2009, UNICEF. The foundation hopes to improve these numbers by helping to lessen the load on families and schools by providing books, uniforms, backs fill with supplies and tuition, libraries, computers, generator and more.

Where We Serve

 Direct services provided in Port-au-Prance, Haiti 
JBFD’s home office is based in Brooklyn New York. We provided services in Delmas 75 and 19, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Within the next five years, the foundation plans to expand its services to at least two other Cities of Haiti: Cayes and Cap-Haitien. Follow our expansion in Haiti we will be looking to serve the children of Peru.

How You Fit In

Volunteer. Donation. Community Support

Pick-up truck, passenger van, cargo or work van for transporting supplies, goods, staff, and volunteers. 
Through community support that is our effort are made possible. Volunteers, kind, and in-kind donations are always need to help run and support our operations. All monetary donations can be made through our Pay Pal Link on the home page or mailed to us using our Donation Form .

Agency Needs

Kind and In-Kind Donations 

Classroom computers

School Uniforms
Sports equipment for international Football and basketball including uniforms
Books and other resources for school library, materials must be written in French and/or Creole
Food donations: Dry Beans and Rice


Website Development
Development and Grants
Program and Policy Development
Volunteer Recruitment .
Marketing and Advertising