Jean Bertrand Foundation For The Disadvantaged                                                 

Educational Program


Computer education program for the children. We will offer art projects, physical activities, snacks, and computer-based academic tutoring. We plan on teaching Introduction to Computers to HTML, graphic design, and many online opportunies so they can become business pioneers.

The Jean Bertrand Foundation for the Disadvantaged, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization that dedicated to
improving the lives of impoverished children through education and food programs.
With your help and charitable giving, we strive to end childhood hunger and improve the availability
of education to all children.


Food Program

Food is one of the major needs in Haiti. With so many children going days with out food. We fight hunger through our program. giving every child that comes to our daily program a meal everyday and for many of our children this is hte only meal they will have.

Enterprenurship Program


We believe in the phase "teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime." For many years countries have been sending funds to Haiti and there has been little progress. We belive we can change that through the teaching of business and economics. with this information not only will the youth be able to provide for themselves but also contrubute to the growth of the economy.