Jean Bertrand Foundation For The Disadvantaged                                               
The Jean Bertrand Foundation for the Disadvantaged, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization that dedicates to improve the lives of impoverished children through education and food programs. With your help and charitable donations, we strive to end childhood hunger and improve the availability of education to all children.




How to Help

In Haiti, items like, socks, shoes, notebooks, books, calculators computers, pencils and pens  are luxuries for many children. We are looking for donations to provide these items to the children of Haiti

Corporate Partnerships

We are looking for corporate partnerships to assist our efforts. We understand that there are a number of different organizations to pick from and this can be a great opportunity for a company to give back and exercise their corporate responsibility.  
Companies that work with our organization, we will make sure they will get the recognition they deserve and their donations are properly used. We are in great needs of computers and educational material to future our business academy program for the youth.

Latest Project

Our goal is to decrease juvenile delinquency, create opportunities and improve education for the less fortunate children of Haiti. Right now we need books to place in our library. Would you  please consider helping us out with gently used or new books in French, English and Spanish. 

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